About T&H







Taylor & Hart was founded to offer an curated selection of the best menswear fabrics available. 

Testing the Fabric

Every fabric is tested by washing (when appropriate), and sewing a sample.  You'll see some of the samples on the product pages as well as pattern suggestions and even links to tutorials, videos and blog posts.


Ethical Fabrics

Early on in the development of Taylor & Hart, I decided to avoid fabrics that were made in China or with Chinese fibers.  Most of the fabrics offered come from the United States, Europe, or Japan.  I will do my best to ask the questions necessary to ensure high quality and ethically sourced fabrics. 

Packaging Shipping to You

While plastic is impossible to avoid completely in this business, I won't use it to ship fabrics.  All orders are wrapped in tissue that can be used for patternmaking, patten hacking or note-taking.  The bundles are secured with scrap fabrics cut into bias strips (hopefully they can also be used).  Even the packing slip is folded into an envelope I can use to include components of kits or special offers like needles.

While I'll never eliminate plastic, I can reduce the use.

Focus on Success

While it may sound corny, I really want my customers to succeed.  Starting with high quality fabrics and sharing techniques, notions, pattern hacks, I hope you will learn and grow in your sewing practice.  And have some amazing garments made by you and that you can be proud of.


Please let us know if you want a particular type of fabric, or a pattern suggestion.  

Send a message to kevin.gervais@taylorandhartfabrics.com or DM us on Instagram @ taylor.hart.fabrics.