Why do I sew sample collars?

Why do I sew sample collars?



I'm committed to offering the best fabrics I can find.  So every fabric I consider selling is sampled. 

  • I wash the fabric up to five times.
  • I press the fabric to see how it takes the heat and holds a crease.
  • I sew with the fabric to see how different needles impact a seam or topstitching.  (Note: I prefer microtex needles for shirtmaking, especially for topstitching on good shirting.)


And with shirting, I sew collars.  Collars are visible, will generally be made with fusible interfacing, will be pressed with starch, and have topstitching.  So the collar is the perfect sample to sew.  A small amount of fabric will tell me so much about its qualities and whether the final garments are worth your time and money.


As always, the quality of the fabric and support for your project is the priority for Taylor & Hart Fabrics.

 Thank you for your trust in Taylor & Hart Fabrics.



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