You Don't Need My Permission, But...


Did you ever make something that was little out of your comfort zone?  Pink chinos, a shirt wild a wild print, a bomber with a floral fabric???  

Did you finish it and put it in the closet thinking "Where would I ever wear that?"

I have.  And I regret it.  A bunch of my makes sat in the wardrobe where I'd look at them occasionally and think "When?" 

But screw that!  Recently I started wearing my bold makes, the ones that I secretly WANTED to wear but didn't feel I could.

I gave myself permission to wear bold, intense colors, and combinations of color and pattern that a year ago I would look at wistfully and think "someday".

There are wonderful colors and color combos that look bold, confident, and RIGHT.

You'll see these fabrics in the shop: rich deep eggplant, bright saturated blues, mustard yellow, navy, cranberry, pink, and kelly green.  They are there in shirting, chino, even wool jersey.  

If you ever needed permission to be bold, here it is: Wear the clothes you want.  Walk confidently in clothes that you make.

Make a statement. 

Show off and don't blend in anymore!

Permission Granted


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