Whip Tide

Whip Tide

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst 


WIPs?  I have a few.  Well, like 4.

And I know I'm not alone with works in progress. People talk about it all the time. But I feel some pressure to work through them.

Partly because some of my WIPs are sample garments I make for new fabrics.  There's a time pressure to get the fabric tested so I can offer it on the site.

The other pressure comes from me.  I have a list if things I want to make for myself.  I select the fabrics because I can see myself wearing them.  So of course I have a list of makes that I will wear.


Right now I have:
- Jeans
- A Mango Twill jacket
- A navy wool jersey Henley (I love this so much I can't wait to finish)
- An eggplant twill shirt 

I want each of these in my wardrobe like NOW!  And hopefully I can get some of these off the list this coming week.  The every project is half-done (I know, I know!)  And all it will take is some focused time (and not starting any other projects).

Wish me luck, I'm going in!





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