Victory is Mine!!!!

Victory is Mine!!!!

From my newsletter originally sent on June 8, 2022


I sat in my roomette on an Amtrak train headed south to Tampa.  My suitcase was precariously propped on a little shelf next to my seat, threatening to topple onto me as we chugged along.  I was exhausted from getting up at 4 AM to catch my first train. But happy that I'd reached my goal of wearing only me-made clothes for the entire 8 day trip.

I'd made pants, shorts, button up shirts, polos, underwear, socks and undershirts.  My suitcase was FILLED with garments I'd made myself.  It was incredibly satisfying to not just reach a goal, but to know that no clothes were bought.

I'm incredibly proud of this accomplishment and learned so much about different projects and techniques.  

Here are a few highlights from the 20+ garments I made.

I made socks.  Seriously. 

I used the Peekaboo Patterns Cozy Toes pattern to make ankle socs and one pair of striped dress socks.  I used white modal knit from the shop to make the ankle socks and a few undershirts.  Super lightweight, soft and comfortable.

I used a sample of linen for these pleated trousers.  The Simplicity pattern worked beautifully for these.  I love the single inverted pleat.

My favorite garment was this full placket polo in an eggplant ponte.  I hacked an existing polo pattern to add a full placket.  Ponte is my new favorite fabric and I'm testing some for the shop even as I write this. Stay tuned!

These PJ pants used a vintage Liberty Lawn gifted to me by my dear friend Ann. The PJs were perfect for a Florida trip.  And making this garment from Ann's stash means a lot to me. 

Here are three of the 5 button ups I sewed for this trip.  All of these fabrics are available in the shop.  I especially love the Gymnasium Lawn.  Lightweight and soft.  Perfect for a summer button up.

I loved the challenge of making these garments.  But I'm happy to get a chance to slow down and focus on one garment at a time.  Next up for me is a new safari jacket, hacked to include many details.  Then on to a pair of jeans.  And along the way, I'll be testing new fabrics for the shop.

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