Originally sent as a newsletter on October 30th, 2021. 

I've been sewing a bunch of underwear and undershirts over the last few weeks.  Partly because I'm testing fabrics for the shop.  And partly because I just really enjoy sewing underwear and undershirts.

These small projects take little fabric and are finished quickly.  And in the end there is something useful.  I also like that small mistakes aren't visible to the world.  The mistakes will only be seen by you and anyone who would see your underwear.

I have patterns from MANY designers, but the underwear patterns I go back to most frequently are from Sew It Like A Man.  I like the variety and the videos are really helpful.  I've made briefs, boxer briefs/trunks, and the jockstrap.  Some of these I've posted to Instagram.

Here's a pair of trunks using Sew It Like a Man # 004.  I used the serger and coverstitch for these. 



Other patterns I've used are the Jalie 3242, Made for Mermaids Gable boxer brief, and most recently, the Bold from les BG patterns.


The Bold has become a favorite because of the fit and the two versions (version A is great for scrap busting). 


I've made both versions of The Bold in the past week. 


Version A




Version B



Agni Hogaboom has inspired me to sew "couture" undershirts.  I love the way I can slow down, take my time really focus on the finish.  I've used the Toby K Berlin T pattern for my undershirts.  I can't recommend this pattern enough.  It has an inclusive size range, great options, and great result.  I used one size smaller than the pattern calls for to make an undershirt. 



All the seams on this undershirt were sewn with a triple stitch on my domestic machine.  And the hems used a twin needle. The fabric is a great cotton/modal rib knit blend that I'll be carrying in the shop.

The V neck instructions for the Berlin T are terrific and it wasn't as hard as I thought.

This wasn't a deep philosophical or cheeky newsletter.  But I hope it inspires you to try making underwear and undershirts.  All the fabrics you need will be in the shop when it opens.  There'll be some solids and some great prints if you are feeling adventurous.  And there are plenty of very good patterns to try.  So let's get sewing!

Until next week.


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