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Originally sent as a newsletter on October 8th, 2021


Stuff got real today. 


Today is the day I fulfill my first promise (of many to come) to people who believe in Taylor & Hart Fabrics.


You see, last week, I announced that Taylor & Hart Fabrics website was live. You can read the blog posts, see the inspiration pictures and (most importantly) sign up for the newsletter.


Since the announcement on both Instagram and Facebook, I've received questions, comments, support, and interest from many people.  From the response, I know people understand what I'm trying to do and really want it to succeed.  


But I want to take a minute to give recognition to someone who has helped me immeasurably.


While I had been kicking things around in my head trying to make sense of a thousand ideas, it really all started coming together when I learned of "The Whole Enchilada" business course run by the amazing Agni Hogaboom.


This course changed my trajectory in big and small ways, focused my thinking, and introduced me to other creative and insanely talented entrepreneurs. Agni is an amazing mentor and has faith in each of their students.   This kind of support is so important!


What I've said before bears repeating:

I started "The Whole Enchilada" with an idea of what my business could be.  I ended the course with a PLAN for what my business will be."


I would encourage anyone thinking about a creative entrepreneurship to go to Bespoke Hogaboom and sign up for their mailing list.  Seriously, I cannot recommend this course or Agni enough.


Next Steps for Taylor & Hart

I've been busy sourcing and testing fabrics.  So far I've chosen beautiful dress shirting, casual shirting, and linen suiting.  


And this weekend, I'll be sewing the Berlin T by Toby K Patterns to test some knit I think will be great for the shop.  I will write up a review of the fabric as well as the pattern.  


This represents the first collection of fabrics I will offer.  High quality, useful fabrics to get us started.  I'll use these newsletters to keep you informed on progress and announce an opening date (soon, I promise!). And don't forget to check the blog posts for results of my sample sewing.


Soon I'll testing some raw denims and chambray.  I've even have some cotton/spandex knit on the way.


Let me know if you have any questions and, of course, tell your friends.  😀



Taylor & Hart Fabrics LLC


(Originally sent as a newsletter on 10/8/2021)

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