Mistakes That Matter

Mistakes That Matter

Originally sent as a newsletter on October 15th, 2021

Like all sewists, I've made a ton of mistakes.  Mistakes are part of the learning process.  But as I've developed my sewing practice, I've started separating these ooopsies into two groups: Mistakes That Matter and mistakes that don't.

What do I mean?  Well, some mistakes impact the final quality of a project.  Some mistakes are visible (hello front button placket!)  These mistakes matter if you will end up liking a project less.

I once completed a pink gingham shirt.  The fit was great and the collar turned out ok.  But as I was clipping threads, my scissors slipped, cutting a very small V into the left front where the pocket would normally go. I don't like pockets, on my shirts so this was visible.  Front and (off) center. YIKES!  Now what?  Well, I could have called it a day and recycled the fabric for other projects.  But, I patched it as best I could and wore it.  I might not wear it to the office, but I do wear it on weekends.  The mistake I thought would ruin the shirt turned into a regular reminder to be careful with the scissors.

 In another project, I sewed two sleeves that were not mirror images, they were identical! The sleeve plackets were on the same side.  I didn't notice this mistake until the shirt was complete and I was trying it on.  D'OH!  Now what?

I wasn't going to take the shirt apart and fix the sleeve.  So, I roll up the sleeves when I wear it.  Problem solved.

I was able to work around these mistakes and wear the garment.  I learned hard lessons and got useful garments. 


But what about mistakes that can't be fixed or ignored?  What happens when you cut the wrong size from your fashion fabric?  Or a rotary cutter slips and slices through the center of the fabric?  What happens when you use a Sharpie to mark a sewing line rather than a Frixion pen.  No amount of steam will get that out! 


When I make a mistake that can't be fixed or is so obvious that it will bother me every time I wear the garment, it is best to admit it early, keep as much of the fabric usable as possible, and start planning the next project.


It is just so important to know when to take a deep breath and give yourself some grace. 


Next Steps for Taylor & Hart

I've been sewing undershirts!  I've been testing some great fabric for undershirts using the Toby K Berlin T.  So far I love the pattern and the fabric.  I'll have the blog post/review yup this coming week.


On Sunday, I'll be testing the collar/stand construction process from A Way We Sew.  I've looked at the steps and the video.  It looks brilliant.  I really think it will be a great method for me.  I'll share the results in the coming weeks.


I'm still busy gathering a few more fabrics for the opening.  I'll have a date shortly.


Until next week!



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