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Guest Blog - Kelly Hogaboom

January 17, 2022

In February! An Underwear Sewing Lab 
by Kelly Hogaboom of Bespoke Hogaboom, guest blogger

Of all the home-sews one can make, perhaps custom underwear is some of the most satisfying on a few different levels:

  1. underwear requires a relatively small amount of fabric, which means it's a less expensive undertaking and the project is easier to cut and handle.  
  2. underwear are (generally) a private garment, so you may enjoy more flamboyant or unusual colors and prints than what you might wear in a public piece! I personally tend towards a conservative style for my day-to-day, but you never know what I've got going on underneath!  
  3. underwear are a simple garment to grade (once you begin to understand how); often removing a half inch or adding a bit of a curve to a seam can transform your underwear experience! One downside of sewing one's own underwear is that it can ruin you for storebought!  
  4. contrary to common belief, you need neither a serger nor coverstitch machine to make a fantastic pair! A zig zag stitch, even on a vintage or older machine, will work nicely.  
  5. once you gain proficiency in pattern drafting, fabric selection, fit, and techniques, you'll love how your world opens up to you. Soon you'll not be able to close your dresser drawer! (Ask me how I know this!)  

In a recent poll I conducted on my Facebook and Instagram, I asked my Followers and Friends to tell me about their fantasy pair of underwear! The vast majority, all cited poor fit as a major complaint with regard to retail underwear. And that certainly matches my experience in sewing for myself, and designing for others! Retail underwear can sometimes do the job. But they don't fit perfectly, and when you have a perfect-fitting pair you'll really feel the difference! 

This month three of us - Kelly from Bespoke Hogaboom, Kevin from Taylor & Hart Fabric Shop, and Traci from Pryde Hantverk - will be demonstrating techniques on three types of underwear, all livestream on my Twitch channel.

Our three pair are sourced from two patterns: the Sew it Like A Man Y-Fronts, and the Jalie 3242 (Underwear for Men, Women and Children). The Sew It Like A Man underwear pattern is drafted from a 24" to 46" waist; the Jalie pattern size range is drafted for an 18" to a 48" waist.  

However, if you have an underwear pattern you prefer, feel free to bring it along! This video mini-series is not a sew-along, but rather a techniques lab with methods you can apply to any underwear sewing.

We will be demonstrating techniques on zig zag domestic machine, a serger, and a coverstitch machine. We'll go over some finishes and stitches - double needle and lightning stitch - as well as elastic, binding, and band applications.

Best of all there will be three of us there, to answer your questions live! You'll have a great time, and emerge with more fine sewing skills in your arsenal!  

Our sessions are hosted on February 11th and 12th, both at 4:30 Pacific. The videos will then be uploaded to my Vimeo for you to refer to later.  

Want a reminder? Register at the Calendly links below and you'll get an email reminder.

Session 1
Session 2 

We can't wait to see you there!  

Kelly, Kevin, & Traci

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