Being Good is Good Enough

Being Good is Good Enough

Originally Sent as a Newsletter on November 13th, 2021


Being Good Isn't Good Enough

Being Good Won't Be Good Enough

Barbara Streisand sang these lyrics and frankly, she was lying (to herself, maybe?).

This song reminds me of the voice I've had in my head since I started sewing.  With every project, I would see the flaws, the mistakes, the failure to meet my unspoken expectations of perfection.  Every project would fall far short and I would ask myself, "Am I even good at this?  Will I ever be good enough?"

Of course the answer for me and everyone else who asks is Absolutely!  Screw that noise that lies to you and tells you that you don't measure up.   (To WHAT, exactly?)

The fact is that every project represents something.  A lesson, a new technique, a new approach, or just practice!   

And every project you work on, every minute you spend, you are learning and growing.  Sewing is an intentional activity.  You might have an inspiration fabric, or a pattern you have been dying to try.  You might have talked with a sewing friend or watched a YouTube video.  When you start a project, you have a vision, an intention.  And because of that, every damned minute you spend is valuable and worthwhile.  You will learn as much from failures as successes, and your skills and confidence will grow.

There is no magic here (except for Barbara's voice, am I right?). There is no getting over this voice,  there is only going through. Learn to hear the voice in your head, acknowledge it, respect why it is there.  Then gently push it aside.  You may not be able to ignore the voice at first, but it will happen.  One day you'll be able to look objectively at a project and say "That looks pretty good."  Or "The topstitching on this is pretty damned even.  Go Me!"

So many of us have the perfect fabric in our stash.  The fabric we have been scared to cut into.  For me it was a beautiful dark green silk wool linen blend.  It is gorgeous.  And yesterday, I took it off the shelf, got my vintage Simplicity safari jacket pattern and then?????  I cut the damned fabric.  I cut it with respect but without fear.  And it was all right.  I can see that this jacket will be beautiful.  And I will wear it proudly (and soon!)



Next Steps for Taylor & Hart Fabrics

Thank you all who voted on an opening date.  55% of you votes for December 3rd. 

Taylor & Hart Fabrics  will officially open on Friday, December 3rd!  Less than three weeks away!

I'll have more details as we get closer to thew opening. 

Until next week.


Taylor & Hart Fabrics

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