Announcing the #MeMadeHead2Toe Challenge - 20 Me Made garments in 4 Weeks

Announcing the #MeMadeHead2Toe Challenge - 20 Me Made garments in 4 Weeks

Yesterday I booked a trip to Tampa, Florida for late May.  

This will be my first business travel in more than two years.  And since I'm not very comfortable traveling by plane at the moment, I booked a room on Amtrak.  From Boston to Tampa.  

This won't be my first long trip on a train.  In 2019, I rode from Boston to New Orleans and loved every minute of it.  I had a roomette for most of the trip so I was very comfortable.  It was quiet and I could read or nap at any time.  Meals were communal and I met some wonderful people.  It really was a great experience that I'm glad to repeat.




This trip will last seven full days, though only three of those days will be at a day job-related conference that I'm co-hosting.

*This is how I imagine the evenings will be.  Me making new friends in the "Impromptu Dance Party" car.  That is a thing on trains, right?

And planning for the trip gave me an idea to set a big challenge for myself.  All of the clothes I'll wear for the entire seven days will be made by me.  I need button up shirts, polos, at least one camp shirt, trousers, shorts, underwear, undershirts, and even socks.  Everything will be me-made.  #memadehead2toe

 I'll use fabrics from the shop, fabrics I'm testing to include in the shop, and some fabrics from my stash from great shops that are not T&H.  :)  And I'll be documenting it all with videos and blogs that showcase these great fabrics and patterns.  I might even have a few conversations and get some advice from some friends.  

There are only four weeks until I leave so I've got to organize myself and get to work!

The schedule (I hope!)


Week 1 - Button-up shirts
These will include casual button ups and at least 1 dress shirt (I am presenting, after all)

Week 2 - Polos and a camp shirt
I'm really inspired by a polo with full button placket from a major menswear brand.  I've picked a deep purple Ponte de Roma from my stash for this project.  I'll also make a traditional polo in a teal that I'm testing for the shop.

Finally, I'll make a camp shirt in a fun tropical print.  I've made the Merchant & Mills All State before.  It's a quick make and I've got the fit down.

Week 3 - Trousers and Shorts
I have a great pattern for box-pleated trousers.  When made up in white linen, these should be sharp and perfect for Florida weather.  I'll make two pairs of trousers and at least one pair of shorts.  

Week 4 - The basics
Since I'll need underwear and undershirts, I'll use the new modal/spandex knit from the shop to make three of each.  I have other me-made underwear and undershirts to supplement.

And finally, I'll make socks.  Most of the socks will be in the modal knit, but I have some beautiful brown/tan striped knit that will be perfect for over the calf dress socks.  This will be an interesting make.  

If there's time (seriously?) I'll make a quick toiletries pouch from the waxed cotton in my stash.



Each week I'll document the progress; posting on Instagram and the blog on the T&H website.  And I hope I can get others in on the fun by putting the fabrics from each week's makes on sale.  Starting now!

The sale!
This week, all woven shirting is on sale for 20% off!  No code is needed, but you can't use more than one discount per order.

This will be a busy, productive, and fun month!  I hope you join in.  Add your makes to #MeMadeHead2Toe so we can all share in the fun of your makes.


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